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Alcoholism treatment may sound like it is a serious undertaking and for good reason because alcoholism treatment is the process of treating the disease of alcoholism that has taken control of the drinker. Alcoholism treatment is a requirement for anyone who has moved past heavy and abusive drinking and developed alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease characterized by many negative symptoms and alcoholism treatment deals with the dependence, tolerance, withdrawal symptoms and loss of control that typify the disease. Treatment Referral offers many options for alcoholism treatment to fit your particular situation and will stand by you for as long as it takes to ensure long term sobriety. We know that it is scary and frustrating to realize that you cannot quit drinking on your own and we hope you take comfort from the fact that millions of people have sought alcoholism treatment to address their problems and many have found a solution to their drinking problem through the programs referred by Treatment Referral.

Obtaining physical sobriety is the first crucial step of alcoholism treatment and that is often the most difficult step to take. Alcoholism treatment begins by breaking patterns and behavior habits that drinkers fall into as a result of their dependence. Breaking this cycle by changing environments is a crucial first step to treatment. Alcoholics will often stash liquor throughout their home in case of emergencies; will have patterns of the same bars or liquor stores that they go to on a regular schedule and will often hang out with others that drink as much as they do. All of these habits perpetuate the disease of alcoholism and must be broken in order to find recovery.

Effective alcoholism treatment addresses the many consequences of heavy drinking. You or a loved one who has a drinking problem may see the physical dependence symptoms such as sweating, loss of coordination, tremors, irritability and exhaustion. A medical doctor may have already identified stomach or liver problems due to drinking. Other physical problems sometimes do not surface until they become very serious because the pain-killing effects of alcoholic drinking cover them up.

Fortunately many of these physical problems do heal with time when drinking stops. Other consequences include destructive thinking patterns that take more time to conquer. Effective alcoholism treatment must address emotional problems and thinking patterns that still tell the drinker that drinking is an escape from reality and problems without recognizing or admitting that drinking is the problem. It is this "Big Lie" that continues to perpetuate the disease of alcoholism and is at the heart of alcoholism treatment.

Treatment Referral works with drug rehabs that offer many different treatment plans including:

- day treatment
- night treatment
- counseling services
- group sessions
- individual therapy
- sober living
- introduction to 12 step community
- employment services
- recreational activities

If you suspect that you are suffering from alcoholism or just want to quit drinking, please give Treatment Referral a call today for more information. If you need information for a loved one who has a problem, we can help make arrangements for interventions, long or short-term stays and court ordered treatment so call us today. 800.399.3612


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